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Do blue sharks get stressed?

Beneath the Waves Managing Director Jamie Fitzgerald and I discuss the findings from my 2022 research paper on blue shark stress response to capture.

Deep water habitat use of tiger sharks in the Bahamas

Virtual presentation at the 2020 Bahamas Natural History Conference.  My presentation starts at approximately 57:00.

Risk effects of large sharks

Webinar for Beneath the Waves' Shark Talks, presenting about our work in Cape Cod pertaining to the risk effects associated with large sharks.  Presented via Facebook Live during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Blue shark research covered in Forbes online 

Appeared on Discovery Channel Shark Week program "Dr. Pimple Popper Pops Shark Week" (July 2021)

Beneath the Waves Instagram Live discussing 2021 publication "Humpback whale instigates object play with lion's mane jellyfish" (May 2021).

Sphyrnas Shark Blog - Sharkfluencer Series (March 2021) blog post - "Deep Sea Divers: Tiger Sharks of the Bahamas" (August 2020)

Featured guest on Answered by Vox - Full episode available with Quibi subscription, teaser video here (August 2020)