Brendan Shea

Marine Scientist

About Me

I am a marine biologist and conservationist working to inform the conservation of large marine predators, in particular sharks. My research interests generally center around the ecological role of sharks (particularly predator-prey dynamics and risk effects) and the ecosystem consequences resulting from a loss of large sharks, with a focus on how marine protected areas may benefit shark populations. I use a variety of technologies and methods, including acoustic and satellite telemetry, biologging, baited remote underwater videos (BRUVs), environmental synthesis/big data approaches and more to address these questions. I'm a PhD student working with Dr. Francesco Ferretti in the SeaQL Lab at Virginia Tech, and a Research Associate with the conservation NGO Beneath the Waves.  


I hold a BA in Environmental Science from Colorado College and a MS in Marine Biology from Northeastern University.  

Other parts of life

When I'm not on the water for my research, you can typically find me near it for something else: surfing, diving, fishing, or just spending time with friends and family.  I also enjoy skateboarding, playing hockey, hiking, and just about everything Boston sports.